About the Tilly

The Hillman Light Utility Truck (better known as HillmanTilly) is acrtually the military version of the Hillman Minx 10HP saloon. The chassis is the same size, and it uses a “platform” construction that is the result of welding a pressed-steel floor to a frame, resulting in great diagional stiffness.

The HillmanTilly has doors of the same size as the Minx saloon, a pick-up body was added with a canvas tilt and “cross-country” tyres were used.

ABout 20.000 vehicles were build. At this moment about 33 ‘survivors’ (from wreck to excellent) are registered with the Tilly Register.

Techical data:

Alongside the Hillman Tilly, there were three other manufacturers that produces light utility trucks: Austin, Morris en Standard.

More information about all makes can be found at the site of the Tilly Register.